{Details} Embellished...

Well it's my last day in Victoria (sniff sniff), and as you read this, Meows, Mr. AiF and I are probably en route to Vancouver for the last couple days of our vacay... If you follow me on Instagram you're probably sick of Victoria pics by now (sorry!), but I can't help it — It's just so flipping good to be home! I miss you already, you beautiful city, you...

In other news, it turns out that my new hologram clutch is the best purchase I've made a long time... If you thought you were sick of the Victoria-related Instas (again, sorry), just wait — Consider yourselves forewarned. xx 

Outfit details: embroidered top- Zara; striped skirt- Target; hologram bag- Melie Bianco; necklaces- Urban Outfitters + Forever 21; bracelets- Forever 21; ring + watch- Michael Kors


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