{Halloween Week} Painted Pumpkins

 photo PaintedHalloweenPumpkins_zpsd81c9b00.jpg

 photo HalloweenPumpkinscopy_zpsb213ed91.jpg  photo IMG_9747copy_zpsa5c43bf8.jpg  photo PaintingPumpkins_zps65a5dba5.jpg  photo IMG_9754_zps1564f2e4.jpg  photo MiniPastelPumpkins_zpsbbceea15.jpg  photo StripedPumpkin_zps89d6620d.jpg  photo IMG_9701_zps2d944d21.jpg  photo PumpkinPaintingParty_zpsbecb9bff.jpg  photo IMG_9782_zps9a8c7b24.jpg  photo SpookyPaintedPumpkins_zps13e11a08.jpg
Why carve a pumpkin when you can paint one instead? Not to sound all 'easy way out' or anything, but painted pumpkins are not only easier than their carved counterparts, but they're oh-so pretty as well... That's why Kassie, Ashley and I decided to have a mini painting party over the weekend. There were cupcakes, pastel paints aplenty and the Monster Mash, of course. The only thing that could have made this day any better would be a screening of Ghostbusters and some Tootsie Rolls, but you can't have everything.

Happy Halloween Week! xx

Photos by Andrew Tarver


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