{Wardrobe Wednesday} The Leather Cap...

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Remember a little something called Wardrobe Wednesdays? New readers to AiF won't be familiar with it (it last ran in August 2012!), but basically it was a weekly feature where I would highlight beloved items from the depths of my closet... Basically a "sartorial show-and-tell," if you will. So after much thought (and a little shopping), I thought it might be fun to resurrect the series!

First up — the hat. More specifically, the leather baseball cap. It seems like these badboys are popping up in every store, website and, well, head lately, making them the perfect inaugural (if something can be inaugural twice) WW item. Not to have a total 90's Janet Jackson moment on you or anything, but this is a look that I'm planning on wearing the heck out of this fall.

From oversized sweaters and jeans, to more polished, dresses-n-blazers kinds of days, this Bop Basic beauty is going to be making appearances left, right and center... Kind of like the Kardashian of headwear.

 photo IMG_4577_zpsb4d7f271.jpg  photo hat_zps4a2ff290.jpg

Thanks for reading friends, and be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on WW's return! xx


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