{Feature} The Tell-Tale Heart...

There's nothing better than a good old photo adventure, even if it includes mud and more mosquito bites (in highly undesirable places) than I care to count. Luckily I have nice friends who are willing to put up with such things for the sake of getting the shot, including trudging through waist-high grass and coaxing me onto old, abandoned tractors (just for kicks) even when I'm being a total priss about it... What can I say, some people just belong in cities.

Happy weekending, friendlies, and thanks for reading! xx

Photos by Jerry Aulenbach
Outfit details: top- Malorie Urbanovitch; pleated skirt- thrifted; floral crown- Heirloom Vintage; necklaces- Pamela Love + Pyrrha; ring- vintage; beaded bracelet- H&M


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