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Who doesn't love a bit of velvet?

I think eveyone gets to this time of year and starts to feel the need to own something velvet (or it could just be me!). I've come to the conclusion it's something to do with Christmas and the fact that it's freezing outside (so so cold today). Velvet just seems very warm and comforting and it's definitely nice to wear. It's a perfect fabric for a Christmas party dress and is a stand out material that doesn't need to be overcomplicated. The type of dresses that I really love at the moment are velvet (deep blue, purple and red are obvious choices) with lacy collars and cuffs - I really want to make one of these but by the time I get round to it, Christmas will probably have been and passed.

 Asos - £33.50
 Topshop - £45
I love this dress so much!

 Topshop - £85
I saw these in the shop the other day and fell in love with them
instantly. They'd make a great birthday present (hint hint!)
 Topshop - £95
I love the galaxy print on this.
 Asos - £150
Some of the best shoes in the world! They'd be great for the summer.

 Alexander McQueen - £2330

 This is a vintage dress I found on the internet - this is the kind of thing I mean with the lace. Most of my images come from Pinterest which is a great place to collect and organise pictures.

Marc Jacobs
This is a really nice dress. It's unusual to use yellow velvet since it's not the typical colour used but it works really well here and creates different variations in light and tone which makes it quite interesting.

Nicholas Kirkwood - £680
Amazing. Enough said.

I love this image.

New Look - Christmas present
My very own velvet jacket. This is actually the only piece of velvet I own. I don't tend to wear it much since the shoulders are very large but I still love it.

Velvet leggings are the best!


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