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Wardrobe Wednesday: T-Post Edition



Have you guys heard of T-Post? If not, brace yourselves... You see my friends, T-Post is a "wearable magazine," meaning subscribers get a new t-shirt every month that has a printed news story on the inside, and a graphic interpretation of that story on the outside... Pretty cool, huh?

When they contacted me I was super stoked on the idea, and the fashion-loving journalist inside desperately wished I had thought of this first, but that's neither here nor there... But seriously, why didn't I think of this?!! It's brilliant! *sigh*

Anyway, my "issue" featured a story about the Komen Foundation and how they claim to own the phrase "for the cure," as well as use of the color pink, which have become synonymous with their breast cancer campaign. Apparently they're suing other charitable organizations over trademark infringement and whatnot... Go figure.


To check out previous issues, or to get a sense of the T-Post aesthetic, click here... This one's definitely my favorite! Happy Wednesday, my sweets! xx



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