{Nailed It} L'Oreal Press-On Nails

 photo IMG_9025_zps88497b3b.jpg

For the sake of nostalgia, I decided to put my feelings about press-on nails aside (junior high flashbacks, anyone?) just long enough to test out L'Oreal's Colour Riche Press-On Nails in 'Midnight French.' The finish caught my eye immediately (cute, right?), and it reminded me of this manicure I never quite was able to replicate. Fun finger effects aside, here's the low down on the kit:

 photo loreal_zps2ff41361.jpg

The nails were quite easy to apply, but since they skewed a little larger, it was hard to find matches for some of my nails. And even though I followed the directions to a t, one fell off mere hours later. All in all, they felt fake and frumpy, and my stance on press-ons has forever been reaffirmed — no matter how cute the finish. xx

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