Dans La Vie

Ever heard of Dans La Vie? No, neither had I until today. It's a London based brand who have showcased off-schedule at London Fashion Week. I really like the idea of highlighting some lesser known (and newer) designers in my posts so that you can form opinions over whether you like them or not. There's some great talent out there, but many people don't get to see it (we only ever hear about the big names) so starting off with Dans La Vie. First of all: you'll probably love some of their designs but hate others. I'ts definitely one of those designer brands you can't quite make your mind up about, but give it a go...

Spring/Summer 12

 Ok, so I've picked out the best designs here (in my opinion of course). I really love the prints. I've never really thought about prints before (I'm more of a style,
shape and texture girl) but these are really captivating. It honestly just makes me want to go to an exotic island and eat loads of fruit! I also like the style the first two dresses have. I love the pleats and how they give the skirts lots of volume.

Autumn/ Winter 12

Not my favourite collection (the best is still to come!) but still quite exciting! Again, the prints really stand out as the main feature in these designs. I would absolutely love to have some leggings like the ones in the 5th design. It's also interesting the way that the designer has layered up the garments - putting the jackets over the skirts, dresses over trousers etc. It's almost like they were thinking in a different way to everyone else.

Spring/Summer 13

This is a really exciting collection - there's loads going on! All of the designs have something unique to them. With my obsession of dresses with good structure, I love all of these designs, plus they're really detailed and well made. The first three in particular are brilliant and I love the choice of fabrics. Also, did you notice the heels!? 
So what do you think of Dans La Vie's collections? Will you be watching out for them next season?


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