David Koma

David Koma has to be one of my favourite designers. He's not as well known as some others but his designs are incredible (often it's the ones that you haven't heard of that are the best and the most interesting). He manages to make each collection have a twist to it (as you'll see in a second) that means all of the designs would never be found on the high street (a good thing since it means they deserve to be on the catwalk). Not only this, but they are all incredibly well made and the detail is fantastic. If you look closer at the photos you will notice the quality of the pieces.
Anyway, here are some of my favourites....

Spring/Summer 10

This is one of his oldest collections. I remember Cheryl Cole wearing this dress on the X Factor and loving it (Cheryl Cole's dresses used to be the highlight of the X Factor - I love watching the judges come out just to see what they're wearing!).

Autumn/Winter 10

Although these are from quite a few seasons a go they are still fantastic. I love the structure of these designs and the gold detailing - especially on the dress above.

Spring/Summer 11

One of my favourite collections definitely. It's the structure of the dresses which does it for me. I mean just look at the skirts and the way they hang!. Plus David Koma always chooses such great fabrics - I'm loving the leather fabric above.

Autumn/Winter 11

I love this one so much! I remember watching some of the shows online for this season and the shape that kept popping up was the one above - high necked, tight fitting and knee length. I still really like this style - although I'd never wear it myself- it's so elegant yet stylish and really shows of the shape of the body. The large spots and pom poms - is that what they're called? - really make these outfits.

Spring/Summer 12

Another great collection. The first look in particular is great. I love the use of fabrics as well as the peplum idea. I really like peplum dresses and these ones are far more interesting than ones found on the high street.
Autumn/Winter 12

This is probably not my favourite collection but that doesn't mean it isn't good. The structure here is amazing - especially in the first dress. I honestly wish I could sew that well - it's incredible the way he's manipulated the fabric to work and hang in a certain way.

Spring/Summer 13

I was really excited when I saw this collection. I just loved the contrast of the sheer fabric versus the opaque one and the way you can see the high waisted skirt underneath. Also, who could possibly not like those shoes? I don't know what it is about them but they are the best ever!


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