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( Shorts originally from Topshop: DIY)

OK, so I do alot of customising and tweeking of my own clothes and normally completely forget to document it in any kind of "blog-able" way, which means that you guys don't get to see it (sorry about that) however, today I remembered! Dont ask me where it came from, I literally had a massive urge to completely cover a pair of denim shorts in gems, so i went to hobby craft, bought the most massive bag of gems I could find (turns out I probably have enough gems to cover about 20 pairs of shorts, but I'm sure that could probably happen) and began to individually glue them all onto the shorts...turns out that there is a very specific fabric gemstone glue which works a treat! I didn't realise glues could have such specific purposes, but turns out they do. every day's a school day. I'll probably rock these bad boys around town this weekend and will post a photo for you all to see. Laters xo


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